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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is my child ready for the swim team?

We welcome all Tallyho members aged 6-18 who can swim a length of the pool freestyle. If your child cannot make a length of the pool, then he or she should join pre-team. To participate in pre-team, your child should be able to swim half way across the shallow end of the pool and be comfortable in the water without flotation devices.


Q. How often are practices?

We hold practices every day Monday through Friday. From Memorial Day until public schools let out, we will hold one practice a day. After public schools let out, we will have morning and afternoon practice. We generally expect every swimmer to attend at least one practice a day. (We would love it if you come to two practices a day).

Q. What happens if my daughter has baseball, soccer, piano practice on Tuesday night and can't make swim practice on that night?

Until school gets out we understand that you might have conflicts. It is ok to miss a swim practice for your soccer practice etc. Please understand that the more you come, the better you will become and the more connected you will become to the team. Once school lets out, we offer two practices and expect you to be able to make at least one practice.

Q. What if it is raining or cold?

We will hold practice unless the pool staff has closed the pool. Some children (especially young and thin children) can be miserable on cold rainy days. It is ok to keep them home as we want all children to love swim team. Because attendance tends to be lighter on those days, the swimmers gets lots of individual attention. In addition, swimmers who attend those days are inducted into our highly prestigious Duck Club.

Q. How will I know if the pool staff has closed the pool?

The pool staff closes the pool for 30 minutes at a time so check our Twitter account for updates: @TallyhoFoxes.

Q. I swim for a year round club whose practices conflict with Tallyho practices, what should I do?

We are glad that you swim with a year round club and appreciate it is important to you and your club coach that you attend those practices. You may count those practices to your daily practice requirement. HOWEVER, we expect you to attend a least one Tallyho practice a week.


Q What is Time Trials?

Time Trials is a practice meet for all swimmers on the team. All swimmers should attend Time Trials whether it is their first year on the team or they have qualified for the Olympics. Each swimmer should swim each stroke he or she can swim legally (even the strokes he or she doesn't like). Time Trials are a good chance for parents to practice as well. Please volunteer to help at Time Trials.

Q. What do I do if my son has a make up soccer game on the Saturday of Time Trials?

Either attend the first B-meet (typically less than a week after time trials) or speak with Coach Akshay about when and where to makeup time trials. (Often if you cannot attend either meet then we do a brief practice makeup where you need to provide your own timer).

Q. When are the swim meets?

We have a dual meet every Wednesday night (B meets) and Saturday morning (A meets)

Q. Which meets will my child be in?

Almost everyone swims on Wednesday night. On Saturday mornings, approximately we have the 6 fastest swimmers in each age group will swim. This can change from week to week so you might swim on Saturday and not the next.

Q. How do I sign up for Wednesday meets?

For Wednesday night meets, you can sign up for events between Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon on this site. You must sign up on this site by Tuesday afternoon. If you don't sign up, you will not be allowed to swim in the meet. You may be prohibited from swimming certain strokes.

Q. How do I sign up Saturday meets?

For Saturday morning meets, the coaches create the line up which the intent to create the strongest team. Generally about six swimmers per age group swim on Saturday morning. The coaches will post the line up on Thursdays. 

You MUST have marked yourself available for the meet on our signup calendar. You should do this for all the Saturday meets now. You should do this even it is your first year on the team and you don't expect to swim in Saturday meets. The coaches cannot make changes to the lineup after Thursday, so if you don't show up, you are costing the team points and keeping out some other child who would love to have the opportunity to swim on Saturday morning. Please remember to check the line up each week as it changes each week.

Q. Why won't the coaches let my child swim breaststroke or butterfly in a Wednesday night meet?

The coaches will allow swimmers to swim breaststroke or butterfly only if the coaches believe the swimmer can swim the stroke legally. While learning to swim these strokes legally, swimmers need to swim slowly and shouldn't race. In addition, disqualifications slow down the meet.

Q. Which swimmers are precluded from swimming on Wednesday night?

If a swimmer finished first or second among the Tallyho swimmers in the Saturday morning meet, he or she cannot swim that event at the next Wednesday meet. In addition, if a swimmer has one of the two fastest times for the season in an event, he or she cannot swim that event in the meet.

Q. How will I find out if my swimmer is swimming on Saturday morning?

The line up will be sent out via email.  It is typically sent on Thursdays. Friday morning at the latest.

Q. What if we are going to miss a Saturday meet?

Don't!!! We need all our swimmers at all our meets. The season is short and please take your vacation after the season. However, if you don't follow this sage advice, please make sure you have checked out on this website ASAP. Remember the coaches cannot make changes to the lineup after Thursday, so if you don't show up, you are costing the team points and keeping out some other child who would love to have the opportunity to swim on Saturday morning.

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